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Life as the crew of the USS Helios.

You work on the ship as the reassemble team for the Jump Gate Project that base been nicknamed as the Rift Project. 5000 years ago the founder of the JGP found a way to make small black holes and harness its energy to tear a rift in space time to make the gates. The only problem is it can only be done on a grand scale as well as you have to have two for them to work. So crews before you were set on missions to place them in orbit of the nine planets. This is a glorious day as you will be setting up the 10th one just outside of our solar system. With he nine colonies thriving after the first nine were built James Morgan, the new head of operations for the JGP, has followed the founders wishes.

“We are not alone. We will set out to find other life with our Sol Gate.”
—-James Morgan 1/18/2055

This last gate most people have forgotten about. It is a bit different then the others it has an A.I. that will guide it to intelligent life. All it needs is a bit of a push in the right direction. Now with the election of the president of the 9 Colonies it seems like no one will be paying any attention to his final and most important mission.

Into the Rifts of space